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Hi @Moderators @CatMan ,
Would it be possible to 'rejig' the site slightly? I think currently there are a few too many sections on the front page which might be confusing / intimidating to new users (e.g. too much choice about where to post something and not enough traction / momentum in any single section to get a discussion going).

As an example, the SE23 forum - - has a lot of traction in Forest Hill and only has three sections on the front page:

  • SE23 Topics
  • Wider Topics
  • Offered, Wanted, Lost & Found

For I would suggest maybe removing:

  • Announcements (perhaps this same functionality can be achieved with 'sticky' posts elsewhere)
  • Local business discussions
  • For Hire / Help Wanted
  • Blogs
  • Charitable
  • Comments & Feedback (yes, I get the irony :grinning: )
  • Wiki

Leaving just:

  • General Discussion (maybe renamed to Catford Discussion)
  • The Lounge (Wider Discussion)
  • The Market Place
  • Local events and services (Local Events)

I think that this site is excellent and really want to see it succeed and become the place to discuss all things Catford & I think that making some small changes could help achieve that.

Please let me know if you'd like to discuss.



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Recently there have been a lot of abandoned trolleys strewn about Catford (mainly from the big Tesco).

I have been reporting these to Tesco via Twitter whenever I see them and I have also enquired about what Tesco is doing to prevent people wandering off with their trolleys however the response was fairly lacklustre - essentially they said that they lock up their trolleys at the end of the day but beyond that there is nothing that they can do.
That said, I did actually see the following notice in Tesco at the weekend so perhaps they are taking it seriously:

Finally, there are several apps that are available which can be used to report these issues:
Love Clean Streets

If you see any trolleys please do report them via one of these means so we can get them off our streets and back to the store ASAP.

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As well as the vintage tearoom, there is also crowdfunding for a new deli in Catford:

I want to see both of these venture succeed so have pledged towards both :+1: - let's get Catford looking a bit more vibrant!

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There is a great crowdfunding project ongoing currently to open a vintage tearoom in central Catford. As of now they have almost £7,000 pledged towards their vision.

Have a look at for more info and if you like the idea then get pledging! :smiley:

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Good progress seems to be being made on the site at 93-95 Rushey Green (opposite Nando's & next to Costa).
I've had a look at the application and plans in the Lewisham Planning Portal (DC/11/76437/X) and can see that eventually there will be two decent sized A1/A2 retail units on the ground floor - i.e. for Shops / Financial & Professional services (read: estate agents)
Has anyone heard any rumours about what these shops might become? Or does anyone want to propose what they would like to see here? I'll start the ball rolling - how about a Catford branch of The Butchery?

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Another day - another load of rubbish left strewn across the pavement.
I'm sad to say that I've never lived anywhere as grubby as Catford before! :cry:
I reported a similar load of junk left here to the council a couple of weeks back (including these two lid-less wheelie bins which are always left out on the pavement) but nothing was done.
Reported this again this morning (CAS-713986-QZS2VJ) and wanted to attach this photo but couldn't - rang the environmental services number to find out if there is an email address and was given an email address which is now out of use - :angry:

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+ Christmas Tree on Wildfell Road (Ref: CAS-711018-6RP422)
+ Corner sofa on Holbeach Road (Ref: CAS-711052-QY22VW)
+ Bed frame base on Brookdale Road (Ref: CAS-714503-N31GH3)
+ TV & gas bottles on Wildfell Road (Ref: CAS-716139-0BGMDW)
+ Sofa on Cudham Road (Ref: CAS-720604-R1L9N7)

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I don't know about independent shops but Wickes it pretty good. There is also a Toolstation and Selco Builders Warehouse on Bromley Road as well as Homebase a bit further down.
Further afield there is the B&Q at Bell Green and Screwfix next to Lower Sydenham train station.

Wickes -
Toolstation -
Selco -
Screwfix -

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There seems to be quite a lot of flytipping in Catford at the moment - I've just reported the sofa on Doggett Road to the council. Luckily they make it very easy:

I think that there is also an app that you can use (haven't used it myself).

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Mine arrived yesterday :smiley: very pleased with it! Thanks!

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