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In the past I used a guy called Stuart from Mesones:

He was prompt and reasonably priced, and I'd probably look to use him again if I need to in future.

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Here's the latest update from their website:
We've been getting a few emails and 'social media' messages asking us what's going on so this is just a short note to say, rest assured, we are still working towards building the pub. Unfortunately it's just taking a long time due to the level of damage sustained. Of course, we'll update you when there's more news.

I'd like to think that the building will re-open as a pub, but walking past it the other day, I can't see that happening any time soon. From what I see, the roof isn't even watertight, so it might be getting even more damaged from the weather.

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Does anyone have any 'insider' info on what's going on with the Catford Bridge Tavern?

It's such a shame that the grand old thing isn't reopened yet. There's not alot of updates coming from their Twitter or Facebook account, so I was wondering if anyone else has some news about what's going on?

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Thanks CatMan, that's much clearer now!

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I agree with the above comments, a restructure is needed to make this forum easier to use.

Harry has made good suggestions above. A good rule of starting out a community is to start small, so as not to make it confusing for a user where to post. Once there are more posts, you can then make a decision to create more topics (and these new topics should be determined by the types of discussions taking place).

To echo the suggestions of Harry, the sections should be:

  • Catford discussion

  • Local events and services

  • The Market Place

  • The Lounge

The "general" topic/board in any community forum should be at the bottom. You want to encourage people to post in the Catford discussion board as this is what the community is about.

Hope these changes can considered, as I think it would make a big difference!

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