Many a night I spent down the 'dogs', you could take a few quid, have a little bet here are there, some cheap food and a beer. It was a safe environment, local to the town, and of course had great transport links. The greyhound racing were not the only events that took place at the stadium, a plethora of subject matter was available from fun days to monster truck racing, there were even speedway events from 1934 onwards.

Many celebrities including Henry Cooper, Lester Piggott, Lennox Lewis, Frank Bruno and Leslie Grantham appeared to present trophies to the winners

Now, the site has been demolished and Barratt homes are to build many houses under the name of the 'Catford Green'. development.


I took this photo a few months after closure. That sign is now in the care of aforementioned Barratt homes in one of their yards, maybe it can be kept in a more suitable place as it is a nice piece of history?

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